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    I'm reminded of Georges Braque's Nature Morte by the geometric set.

    The golden hour at Maazi Parasti is one of my favorites.

    Tuscany Street and Spanish Old Town are worthwhile investments.

    The Moroccan Fort is one of my favorites. Each time I shoot here, I feel revitalized.

    All of these well-considered arrangements made it possible for me to focus on my craft without being distracted. It's extremely admirable how creatively Madhulika and Nimesh approached their sets. Rathik deserves to be singled out. His friendliness, expertise, and professionalism were immediately apparent as soon as I entered. TPL is the perfect choice. I wholeheartedly recommend this location and eagerly look forward to my next opportunity to shoot at TPL.

  • LAKSHYA MANWANI Safarnama Films

    It’s always a delight to shoot at TPL. The sets are professionally designed catering to all genres of photography and cinematography. May it be fashion or Prewedding shoot, the sets are big enough and aesthic too. Drone shots are also possible in a few sets which makes TPL - The perfect place for all photographers! I’ve been shooting here since TPL had opened and I’ve never got bored of this place. They keep renovating by adding new sets which are beyond beautiful !

  • Amit Puri Photography

    The perfect location as it’s name reflects it is actually a perfect place for any or every type of photo session be it pre wedding, maternity, family or commercial etc. Here we get to have very clean and hygienic atmosphere. The changing rooms are spacious and comfortable. The sets have been created in such a realistic manner that image speaks in itself. The best part is TPL is growing with new sets with in a short span time. It has something new everytime you visit. It’s kind of our second home when it comes on going for a pre wedding shoot. Love working at TPL. Highly recommended 👍

  • Mehak Chawla Singh & Ashmeet Singh Studio Finesse

    Such a cool and hep place to shoot alongside chilling.
    Pretty comfortable. And I'd like to thank Mrs Madhulika, Rathik and team for all your efforts. Much appreciated.
    I love the way you guys have used your knowledge about photography and its technicalities and incorporated it into making and developing the setups.

  • Abhimanyu & Prasheila Going Bananas Photography

    What stands out the most about The Perfect Location is not that they have a fantastic variety of sets (that keep getting updated) or that they have an endless number of thematic props (and new ones are constantly added), but the love of the folks who run it 🙂 What can easily be described as a great combination of professionalism and warmth, The Perfect Location was The Perfect Experience – both for us (the photographers) and for the couple we shot.

    We had supplied a list of sets and props to them, and every set was ready with the relevant props, before we reached the set with the couple. A couple of times we found ourselves in a bit of scrape with some lighting issues, but they were handled brilliantly because of Rathik’s improvisation skills! 🙂 Nimesh was on top of things in making sure the sets were always ready for action and back-up and support was always present. And Madhu’s ideas, presence of mind as well as witty genius made sure there was abundant laughter echoing TPL! 😀

    Add to that a fantastic green-room (it’s really a brilliant Make-Up area) along with a separate storage area (our couple got their entire wardrobe for changing…3 suitcases full of outfits, and it all fit in!) and washrooms. Every convenience at one place! Madhu, Nimesh and Rathik – you guys are as much a team as you are family (literally) 😉 Keep up the great work. And please never let go of that personal touch. Thank you for a great experience. We look forward to revisiting and shooting 🙂

  • Divyam Ramji Mehrotra

    Under WEDDINGRAMS we have done multiple preweddings on the perfect location, and as the name suggests, it is actually perfect for your photoshoot it wedding, pre-wedding, bridal and groom, ads or even your family shoot. They have got some gorgeous locations setup in the heart of faridabad. Best part of the place is the super caring Madhulika, owner of the place who takes good care of you and keeps suggesting the best possible way to improve your shoots.

  • Sakshi & Abhinav Asdhir Abhisakshi Photography

    The Perfect Location is full of charm, beautifully located and has everything you need. Beautiful designed setups and themes, multiple backdrops to choose from. Being a private property there is no hassle of permissions and security guards asking money. They have very well designed green room with separate changing rooms,tea/coffee and water... very very important part of Pre wedding shoot as in any other public place this is what takes the major time, also since they have good number of backdrop options available the traveling time between two spots is also saved. Being a photographer we understand how convenient it gets when you don't spend time to travel from one location to another to find new backdrops. The best part is the owners are always present during the shoot to make sure that everything is in the right place, having come from a photography background, they very well understand a photographer's needs and have designed the sets accordingly, also have made sure to arrange for props, ladders, fans etc. It has been a great experience shooting in The Perfect Location, and we would be looking forward to next assignments.

  • Aditya Mohan Snapsoul

    Time and Again i have shot at this location, every time brings new angles and new memories for our clients. Superb Team over there, full support in all possibly ways. Wish you guys all the luck 🙂 Keep Up the good work 🙂

  • Maulik Patel Studio Beunique

    The Perfect location is perfect in every manner. We came to TPL from Ahmedabad for a shoot. Location is easily reachable from the Metro station. The Bansal family is welcoming and helping nature. Green room is so perfect, including changing rooms, tea/coffees and water whenever you want. After starting a shoot, the staff of TPL stood by our side each and every minute to help us to arrange props, fans or whatever it is. Each and every backdrop of TPL is built with perfect planning and design. Every set is picture perfect, well lit and clubbed with props. Our pictures came out so perfect and unique. Looking forward to more new sets from TPL.

  • Faizan Patel Faizan Patel Photography

    This is my favourite shooting location in Delhi run by this beautiful couple Madhulika and Nimesh and their son Rathik. It's ideal for pre-wedding shoots, campaign shoots and advertising. Keep up the great work.

  • Mohit Goel Infinite Memories

    An amazing place to get your dream pictures.

  • Paramveer Singh Sethi Our Wedding Chapter

    Always a great place to shoot.

  • Deepika & Sunny Deepika's Deep Clicks

    The Perfect Location is indeed actually a perfect location. Built to perfection this place is such a comfort for the photographer, and having you three there with us makes it an add on. You are always a great help and always in high energy. Love the vibe.

  • Rimjhim Bora & Saurabh Dharmawat Memento of Shades Photography

    The Name says it all... Perfectly design lovely backdrops, themes for any kind of photo-shoot. Most importantly the “Bansal” family is super friendly and take very good care of both photographers and clients too. Entire Team Memento of Shades Photography love this place and highly recommend it to all.

  • Gautam Khullar Gautam Khullar Photography

    It was a pleasure shooting at the location. Not only the location but how they deal and support the client and photographers is something that you will Love. The type of dedication and commitment that you witness is also one of the reasons why photographs from the Perfect Location come out to be beautiful... I highly recommend it to fellow photographers and Those who are thinking of trying it out with just one piece of advice "Don't give it a second thought, just book it". Great work guys......

  • Sonu Ramgharia Mehar Photography

    It was my first visit to the perfect location faridabad & i loved it. The most important thing about the place is their individuality & hospitality. I was very nicely guided about the locations & different types of shots which can be taken. Rathik's mother paid attention to each & every shot led & also encouraged me / my clients to make the moves beautifully & perfectly. i hope to visit the perfect location again soon.. 🙂

  • Ishan Saxena Lifeworks Studios

    Before booking the location I've been called to see this location by Madhulika and to tell them about my requirements, but due to work around October I couldn't do that. Frankly I kept telling my friend to do it at some other location because a lot of people have done shoots here and that there isn't much scope of work at Perfect Location. At the end I convinced myself to shoot here and also because not every client pays extra for a Pre Wedding shoot location. When I reached and till the end of my shoot (4-5 hours) Ratwik was there with me all the time and also kept suggesting to me about the props and different angles than what I was taking. Really Appreciate that. I thought I'll finish 4backdrops in an hour and will need more backdrops and by the end of my shoot I realised I've covered only 3 and Rathik extended our shoot time to complete all the backdrops. I call that shoot as one of my best till now. Kudos team and make some more kickass backdrops for us. ☺