The Perfect Location


We are proud to present an authentic / magnificent Tuscany Street set, a first of its kind in India. It is a realistic vintage Tuscany street, where once you are on the set then you actually feel that you are standing in Tuscany, Italy . Size 70ft length , 40ft width , height 20ft. we have created five different looks in the set.. Pizzeria corner, bar lane, yellow rock corner, rustic bricks & textured wall with 2 walk able bridges. Suitable for both Fashion & Pre-wedding shoots, the set is covered from all sides, giving a 360 degree view to the photographer & is ideal for cinematography. To get the real feel , It is advisable not to wear ethnic Indian attire for a shoot in the Tuscany Street. This is not counted as a set but you can book this theme on request for Rs. 2,500/- on the spot.