“The Perfect Location” : The coolest place EVER!

Welcome to the Shoot Factory. Photographers can enjoy Time, Space & Privacy to create the perfect frame. Situated on Mathura Road near Badarpur-Faridabad Toll Plaza, this 3 acre open-air location provides various backdrops and props to create your shot.
Equipped with a state of the art make-up room / dressing room, we provide a surfeit of backgrounds lending to both fashion and couple / pre-wedding photography.
We don’t have any branches. We don’t provide any equipment like cameras, lights etc.

The Perfect Location Pre Wedding Shoot Location in Delhi India


  • Abhimanyu&Prasheila
    What stands out the most about The Perfect Location is not that they have a fantastic variety of sets (that keep getting updated) or that they have an endless number of thematic props...read more
  • Shambhavi Singh
    Shambhavi Singh
    We are from London and had our pre wedding shoot at The Perfect location in early July 2016. The venue was exactly what we were looking for, with so much charm and character...read more
  • Aditya Mohan
    Aditya Mohan
    Time and Again i have shot at this location, every time brings new angles and new memories for our clients. Superb Team over there, full support in all possibly ways...read more

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